Top 10 Tips to keep in mind during your visit to Bilbao.

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Make your visit to Bilbao more useful the advice we give you from the Hotel Bilbao Jardines

Estadio San Mames por Hotel bilbao jardinesaraña museo Guggenheim por hotel Bilbao jardinesMuseo Bellas Artes  por hotel Bilbao JardinesCalle Casco Viejo por Hotel Bilbao JardinesTorres isozaki por Hotel Bilbao JardinesPuente Zubi Zuri por hotel Bilbao JardinesParque Doña Casilla por Hotel Bilbao jardines

1 - In Bilbao transport they work great and are very economical. If you arrive by bus from the airport you every 30 minutes Bizkaibus 3247, every day of the week, leaves you at Plaza Moyua, Gran Via or Termibus and costs 1 euro and beak. There is also 24-hour taxi service.

2 - From the metro you Termibus frequencies less than 5 minutes, the tram every 12 minutes in the tram will enjoy the beautiful view you get along the route through the most emblematic of the city.

3 - Visit obliged to Kasko. If you'll take pintxos, if you go shopping, tourism, culture, business, history, and of course the best place to stay to have everything at hand, we would like you to tell us, from the Hotel Bilbao Jardines You can visit the mythical "seven streets", source of the Dog, Santiago Cathedral, Plaza Nueva, Arriaga Theatre Plaza Miguel de Unamuno among many other places as you can reach the Guggenheim in 10 min.

4 - If you've decided to stay in our house, the Hotel Bilbao Jardines, we will provide blueprints, guides and lots of useful tips so you can make your visit to the city on foot. But if you've decided elsewhere farthest accommodation, you can buy a "Barik" is the transport fertilizer costs 3 euros and thus save 40% on each trip. It is valid for bus, tram, metro, funicular, suspension bridge ... etc.

5 - Visit the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Museum of Fine Arts. Do not forget either, and if you can, leave a little time to visit the Maritime Museum, and the whole area including the crane "Carola"

6 - Bizkaia Bridge or Bridge "hanging", symbol of progress, a bit of history made world heritage by UNESCO and fully operational, facilitating the approach of the left and right margin, joining Las Arenas and Portugalete.

7 - Walk along the Gran Via Don Diego Lopez de Haro, where you will enjoy shopping and business area, where classic historical buildings such as the council, coexist with modern "Fosteritos". If you dare you can reach the Doña Casilda Park and the venue.

8 - Alhondiga Bilbao or Azkuna Zentroa. Important building recently recovered, restored by the architect Ricardo Bastida, now important leisure and cultural center, has 43 pillars, each with a different design, make this one of the most emblematic buildings in Bilbao.

9 - Zubizuri Bridge. Bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava, initially was an independent access and unique construction, then after the construction of the Isozaki Towers was added a small footbridge that joins together the area Mazarredo with Field Volantin without having to go down to the Ria next to the International Airport of Bilbao, they are two of the buildings of Santiago Calatrava in Bilbao.

10 - San Mames Barria: If you like football, or simply visit the area and see new construction, is located in the same area where the old stadium stood, and part of the Old Trade Fair. It has capacity for 54,000 people. The other Cathedral.

Of course there are many more things to do that will tell you later.



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